ubuntu install in non-conventional way ?

gary linux at garyng.com
Tue Sep 21 08:31:32 UTC 2004


This project sounds interesting but I would like to know how difficult it would be to install it through non-conventional means.

Currently, I have been able to install debian woody through the simple "debootstrap" which would give me a base rootfs. All that I need to do is to put in the right kernel and I have been doing this installation on the following machines :

1. my PC which I manually installed GRUB under win32 which would launch my customized linux kernel using my own initrd with the debian woody rootfs as a loopback device on ntfs/vfat

2. my Xbox, very similar to (1), just the kernel and initrd needs to be changed, the same rootfs is used

3. colinux, again just the kernel and initrd is changed, the rootfs is the same.

All I need is took the same rootfs file image and drop that in. Can I do similar thing to ubuntu ? As you can see from the above cases, I CANNOT boot a standard CD(floppy) for the installation which unfortunately is the norm for almost all the linux distro I have seen. In fact, Microsoft is more advanced in this regard as I can run a win32setup.exe from a Windows 98 machine without making any floppy/cd and can install XP over the net.

thanks for any help in advance and please CC if possible as I am not on this list, yet.
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