ubuntu in a powerbook 15" (1.25G alubook)

Julio Herrero ubuntu at julioherrero.es
Tue Sep 21 13:06:50 UTC 2004

Great work Ubuntu! thanks!

I have just installed ubuntu on a 15" powerbook from a CD image. The
installation was fine but there are some errors in /var/log/dmesg:

-- via-pmu: Server Mode is disabled (is this normal?)

-- radeonfb: Invalid ROM signature 303 should be 0xaa55

-- Thermal assist unit not available

When I log in, there is an error:

-- Permissions on the file /dev/pmu are broken (documented in bug 957)


-- The eject key does not work.

-- The LCD autoadjust facility  does not work. Brightness remains the
same all the time.

-- Keyboard illumination does not work.


-- I can play audio CDs ok with totem, but not with
the CD player. The program runs, but there is no sound.


-- My usb webcam is detected, but gnomemeeting refuses to  work:

Sep 20 17:35:28 localhost kernel: pwc Philips PCVC730K (ToUCam
Fun)/PCVC830 (ToUCam II) USB webcam detected.
Sep 20 17:35:30 localhost kernel: usbaudio: assuming the channel found
is the master channel (got a Philips camera?). Should be fine.

Thanks a lot!


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