Inspiron 4100 Laptop and ACPI/APM...

jason jbi130 at
Tue Sep 21 06:15:33 UTC 2004

Is anyone having any luck running Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 4100
laptop?  With the default kernel it randomly locks up on me.

I was able to get enough uptime to build a new kernel without ACPI and
APM instead.  It works until any APM functions kick in such as display
timeout, closing the lid, trying to suspend.

Also, with ACPI or APM the laptop freezes when I try to adjust the
brightness of the display.

I have never had problems with previous Debian-unstable or Mandrake
installs on this laptop with APM and previous 2.6 kernels.  This is
the first time I've used the 2.6.8 kernel.

Thanks for any ideas.

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