Mostly positive install - ibook2 2001

Tony tony.kruse at
Tue Sep 21 05:12:50 UTC 2004

Are you able to put your ibook to sleep and awake again?  I have a
problem with that.

I was able to get my wireless working by adding the following lines to
/etc/network/interfaces file.  I am assuming your are using dhcp

# Wireless interface
iface eth1 inet dhcp
 pre-up modprobe airport
 post-down rmmod airport
 post-down rmmod orinoco
 post-down rmmod hermes
 wireless_essid any
 wireless_mode Managed
 wireless_ap any
 wireless_nick Pintas
 wireless_key off

I also commented out the following so that ethernet would not attempt
to connect on boot up.

#auto eth0

I was not able to use the gnome network manager to turn them on/off.
I had to use the following commands as root (i.e. create root shell
with "sudo -s") to turn on either ethernet:

# ifup eth0

or airport card

# ifup eth1

to turn them off use

# ifdown eth0


# ifdown eth1

whichever is appropriate.

Hope this helps.


On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 20:43:22 -0700, Derek Kinakin <dkinakin at> wrote:
> Good results from the install except for:
> 1. /dev/pmu dialog on login (seems like a common bug)
> 2. Airport isn't working yet, can't turn it on through the network
> device manager.
> 3. Possibly modem doesn't work
> 4. wake from sleep doesn't work (so far I have seen one other post re:
> the black screen on wake)
> 5. Can't sync my palm os device. Not sure how the udev setup for PDAs is
> supposed to go.
> Otherwise things are solid (all keyboard functions work, internal
> network card works, screen is fine, USB pen drive works). Good work
> Ubuntu team
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