Desktop Preferences

Fábio Mendes niels_bohr at
Mon Sep 20 19:14:13 UTC 2004

> While I'm at it, I think some rearranging might be in order for the 
> "Desktop Preferences" menu. Really, the entire menu should be renamed to 
> User Preferences, or just Preferences. Desktop Preferences to me 
> insinuates preferences related to the desktop itself, such as 
> background, icon sizing, and screen resolution among other things. Items 
> such as PalmOS Devices, Removable Storage and Network Proxy all seem to 
> have little to do with the Desktop and should be moved to System 
> Configuration. Also, screen resolution is in System Configuration but 
> could just as easy belong under Desktop Preferences, or Preferences if 
> someone decides it should be renamed.

I agree with that. I think the whole "Computer menu" needs some
reorganizing working. It seems cluttered to me, but i'm biased to the
default gnome menu, so don't trust me so much. I'll play with some
interface mockups and send you if they happen to be fine.


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