Desktop Preferences

Rob Diehl diehlr at
Mon Sep 20 18:53:15 UTC 2004

I think it would be good to allow the user to change this behavior, or 
notion of a "no special icons on the desktop". Perhaps, set these 
options as defaults, but provide a Preferences menu in Computer -> 
Desktop Preferences dedicated to what icons are shown in the desktop.

While I'm at it, I think some rearranging might be in order for the 
"Desktop Preferences" menu. Really, the entire menu should be renamed to 
User Preferences, or just Preferences. Desktop Preferences to me 
insinuates preferences related to the desktop itself, such as 
background, icon sizing, and screen resolution among other things. Items 
such as PalmOS Devices, Removable Storage and Network Proxy all seem to 
have little to do with the Desktop and should be moved to System 
Configuration. Also, screen resolution is in System Configuration but 
could just as easy belong under Desktop Preferences, or Preferences if 
someone decides it should be renamed.

>We've actually turned this off as part of the 'no special icons on the
>desktop' concept. If you open gconf-editor (System Tools > Configuration
>Editor) and navigate to /apps/nautilus/desktop, you can switch on the
>"volumes_visible" (or similar) key.
>- Jeff

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