Ubuntu initial installer reactions

David Morgan dmorgan81 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 15:51:30 UTC 2004

I just finished my initial install of Ubuntu's preview release and I
must say I am very impressed.  Quick, easy install.  Everything
detected (except preferred monitor resolution) and everything working
correctly.  A few points of critique:

1) In / there is a file dead.letter.  It contains some instructions
about dealing with USB keyboards, udev, etc.  I can only view this
file using sudo as it is not readable by non-root.  Not sure if this
file is necessary.

2) I already see on the mailing list that 1280x1024 is not detected by
the installer.  I too can confirm this problem.

3) The issues with Java/Flash/MP3 are big ones, as these are three big
things used by desktop users.  I know Slackware ships Java so I'm sure
Ubuntu could as well, at least under restricted.  I've read that Flash
can be distributed as long as the OS is not for exclusive use by
kiosks.  Of course I could be really wrong, but maybe providing a
script to download and install Flash would be okay.  MP3 is probably
the biggest thing missing.  I don't have any suggestions on this but I
do know that most people have MP3 collections that they would like to
keep.  Until ogg is supported by more portable music players MP3
support should definately be included.

4) This relates to the MP3 problem above.  Since gstreamer is built
without MP3 support many of the internet radio stations will not work
and Rhythmbox ends up hanging.

5) Is the Totem Mozilla plugin far enough along for general use yet? 
If so, including it or providing a seperate package would allow for
some neat things.  If gstreamer could be built with Quicktime support
(more legal issues.  Yuck!) then Ubuntu users could watch the
Quicktime trailers on Apple's site.

6) Firefox should come with some bookmarks relating to Ubuntu.  Links
to the home page and FAQ would provide new Ubuntu users with some
quick starting points.

7) In /usr/lib/mozilla there is plugins/ (which is empty), and
libnssckbi.so which is also in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox.  Are these
things necessary?

Other than these points I think Ubuntu is amazing.  I am throughly
impressed and I'm really looking forward to the official release. :) 
Thank you.

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