No Sound on iMac G3

pieterjan pieterjan at
Mon Sep 20 15:01:53 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,

I just installed ubuntu on a iMac. Looks like the Debian distro I have 
been waiting for a long time!!
Sound doesn't work though. I have already been through the mixer panel 
and increased the volume slider (is this a bug?) so now I can hear 
alarm sounds but, when I try starting a video i get an error messsage 
telling me that /dev/dsp is busy with another application...

I am digging throug all available docs and forums for a solution but 
perhaps somebody already has the answer.

BTW /dev/dsp is in my dev directory. What is it for?

 Debian/linux for my server, FreeBSD for my iMac, OpenBSD for my 
laptop, NetBSD for my coffee maker. Windows for... for what?
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