Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t

nicola nicola at
Mon Sep 20 09:57:42 UTC 2004

[Eric Jaffe]
>>In previous installations of gnome-system-tools on other distributions, I
>>have noticed that there is an additional utility included with
>>gnome-system-tools. This tool allows the user to configure the runlevels
>>(i.e. which programs run on startup).
>>P.S.: The bootloader configuration utility also seems to be missing from

[Jeff Waugh wrote]
> Both of these are disabled and unsupported in Ubuntu (they're not built by
> default, and we see them as beyond the scope of system configuration
> requirements for desktop users - admins can always use the command line
> utilities if they need to change these things).

Hi there!
I'm in the gray area made by people familiar with GNU/Linux and still not so
confidet/experienced or willing to use the command line for everything.
I've found the gnome-system-tools a fantastic opportunity ti stick with the
Debian-like system and an invaluable alternative to the YaST or Mandrake
Control Center. Managing from one interface the networks, the daemons and
stuff like that is inavaluable to me.

Now I've seen that on my Ubuntu box the package is installed, but whenever I
try to launch it nothing happens.

So, do I have to re-install it? And how do I "get back" the features that Eric
have pointed out in his mail quoted above?

Thanks !

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