Install problems

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Mon Sep 20 07:44:57 UTC 2004


I installed ubuntu linux this morning and I found a couple of problems:

first, please offer an option to NOT install a bootloader. I did not 
configure grub and so the installation of grub failed (that was what I 
intended). I then chose not to install a boot manager in the install menu, 
and added the necessary entries in my /boot/grub/menu.lst by hand. Ubuntu 
booted fine, but an error occured during package installation. The package 
ubuntu-artwork could not be installed due to an error in the install script. 
gdm depends on ubuntu-artwork and could not be installed, either.
Creating the directory /boot/grub solved this. Also the package 
gnome-system-tools could not be installed because it did not find a 
gconf-scheme (sorry, I am at work now and don't know the exact error 

Also, ubunto linux tries to contact a ntp-server during booting. I don't 
think this is a good idea for dial up users. It times out pretty quickly, but 
I would still prefer if the installer asks me if I want to have ntp set up,


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