Internationalization of "Computer" menu

Ariszlo ariszlo at
Mon Sep 20 07:37:32 UTC 2004

How do you add language translations to the entries in the Computer (aka. 
Actions) menu?

With the Applications menu, it's easy: you just edit the *.desktop files 
in /usr/share/applications or the *.directory files 
in /usr/share/gnome/vfolders, or if you want to add or remove directories for 
all users then you edit 

To be more specific, which files should I edit to translate the following menu 
terms into Hungarian:

* Computer (Számítógép)
* Home (Saját könyvtár)
* Disks (Lemezek)
* Desktop Preferences (Munkaasztal beállításai)
* System Configuration (Rendszerbeállítás)
* Help (Súgó)



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