PPC questions

David Feldman mailing-lists at interfacethis.com
Mon Sep 20 04:34:20 UTC 2004

Just installed Ubuntu on my Powerbook G4 and am very impressed. (I  
hadn't been able to get Debian Sarge installed, and the only  
downloadable Yellow Dog is much older.) Great to have an up-to-date  
Linux distro available...now I can show all my Intel friends and entice  
them away from Windows :-)

A few questions, though:

- Is there a way to customize the default Applications and Computer  
menus? I'd love to save some space and fold the Computer menu into the  
Applications (or GNOME system) menu and to shorten the menu names.  
(Yeah, it's creating a Windows Start menu, I know...)

- The Command key on my keyboard doesn't seem to map to anything. Any  
way to do something with it?

- It's great to see sleep/suspend functionality supported when I close  
the lid. But is there any way to put it to sleep in software, without  
closing the machine?

- Is there a way to edit the right-click menu for the GNOME desktop?



David A. Feldman
User Interface Designer

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