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Matt Zimmerman mdz at canonical.com
Sun Sep 19 20:36:40 UTC 2004

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 08:47:48AM +0000, John wrote:

> Configure the Network.
> I'm a Linux person, I know roughly what eth0 means. A BSD person won't. 
> A Windows person especially won't.

It is appropriate for it to be displayed for the benefit of those who are
familiar with the naming convention.  A description of the card is also
provided where more than one exists.

If you're talking about something else, please provide more context.

> Also, MUT has two network cards, one uses wire and is not attached to 
> anything, the ohter is wireless and needs some firmware.
> Which network adaptor is this?


> reboot.
> I booted the install media with
> vga=791 acpi=force
> I'd like these to be incorporated into Grub's boot-time parameters.


> Still asks about ppp
> I don't (yet) have a working network and it wants to download from the 
> Internet?

That's what configuring PPP is about: providing a working network since you
don't yet have one.

> I've logged in.
> Root terminal has sbin directories in PATH. Good. I've never been 
> convinced having local {bin,sbin} to the front is good:
> Can create unexpected behaviour if a binary is in local and system bin 
> directories.

That's the point; it allows you to override the supplied software with local
versions.  Shooting yourself in the foot is optional.

> symlinks
> What useful purpose do the symlinks in / for vmlinuz* and initrd.img* serve?

They exist for lilo, yaboot and similar loaders.

> Is /cdrom needed?

Yes, assuming you have the hardware.  It's the default location for mounting

> Lost mail
> See /dead.letter


> Prism54 Wireless
> To get this working I needed to copy the firmware into 
> /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware (no suitable directory in /lib exists) and 
> then run network configuration.

It isn't created by default, but /lib/firmware is searched.

> Nautilus!
> I run apt-get to install openssh-server. Nautilus popped up a window on 
> the mount.

Bug; we need to find some way to suppress the popup if something is mounted
manually rather than by g-v-m.

> CD drive
> My CD drive keeps spinning. I don't recall this behaviour from Sarge on 
> the same system.

hal polls the drive to see when media is inserted.  On my drives, this
doesn't cause any unusual behaviour, but perhaps it does with yours.

 - mdz

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