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On 2004-09-18 11:51 +0100, José Santos wrote:
> 1- My other partitions were not mounted automatically (nor ext3,
> reiserfs, nor NTFS), so I had to edit /etc/fstab. It is a bug, or it
> is supposed to be like this?

With our current policy, we don't want to allow users to mount
partitions on fixed IDE disks. I also don't think that it would be a
good idea to mount all ext3/reiserfs partitions, since we don't know
what is on them. But it may certainly be worthwile to think about
creating an fstab entry for VFAT/NTFS partitions at installer time,
since Windows does not separate system and home partitions so clearly
as a usual Unix system does.

> 2- I connect my usb camera (HP photosmart 620), but it does not import
> the photos automatically. However, i can import them without problems
> if I open gThumb.

Does your camera support usb-storage, i. e. can you mount it as a
normal drive? Can you check whether Computer -> Desktop Settings ->
Removable Devices -> Import digital photos from camera (loosely
translated from German) is active?

> 3- I normally use Lyx to write my articles and reports. I've tried to
> install it from Ubuntu repositories, but it seems lyx-qt and
> lyx-xforms are missing.

See other reply, activate universe.


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