modconf ...?? whereis modconf

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Sep 19 04:44:35 UTC 2004

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 02:48:55AM +0200, massimo wrote:

> i cannot found it in universe... :(

The source code is there, but there are no binaries.  This probably means
that it failed to build, which is sometimes the case for the unsupported
software in universe.

> (proposed) but...why not add in the universe a couple of kernel-images
> optimized for laptop G3 and G4?

Which kernel options would you change?

> for example a kernel for ibook/tibook G4 with the support of /proc/cpufreq
> and without the unnecessary modules (scsi for example)

The default kernel has cpufreq support which works with powernowd.  Why do
you need the obsolete and deprecated /proc/cpufreq interface?

Regarding the SCSI drivers, those cost you about 3 megabytes of disk space,
and nothing else.  Surely this is not worth the time that you will spend
rebuilding your kernel time and time again.

> (bug)
> another problem that i think important:
> recompile a kernel with make-kpkg in dabian way
> install it with dpkg -i
> reboot and choose "Old" as kernel image.
> paff!! kernel panik!  
> the problem is that /etc/yaboot.conf there is a line in "old" room like
> 	initrd=/boot/initrd.old
> but in /boot there is a link
> 	/boot/initrd.img.old

How did this happen?  Was this the yaboot.conf which was generated for you
at install time?  I just checked my /etc/yaboot.conf, and it is correct in
this respect:

        append="quiet splash"

        append="quiet splash"

I do not think that yaboot.conf is automatically modified after
installation.  Did you edit yaboot.conf at all?  Was it copied from another
system?  Please send a complete copy of your /etc/yaboot.conf.

 - mdz

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