Wireless issues...

Chris Edwards chris at chris-edwards.org
Sun Sep 19 01:55:31 UTC 2004

* John (dingo at coco2.arach.net.au) wrote:
> There should be a BIOS menu where you can specify IRQs to be reserved 
> for ISA devices. Do so for the printer IRQ(s).
> It's designed to avoid conflicts such as this.
> You might also check your setting for PnP OS. I've been specifying that 
> Linux is PnP since the advent of 2.4 kernels and it's always worked for me.
> I suggest which ever way you have it set, change it _before_ fiddling 
> with the IRQ settings I mentioned.

Well it used to work before with my own kernel, and it works fine under
Windows. So I wouldn't really consider it something that should need
settings changed, it's something to do with the kernel (probably an ACPI
of APIC option). I suspect it's because of a broken Dell BIOS too. I
seem to remember others with similar problems due to conflicting IRQs,
which were solved by giving the kernel some commandline options.

But thanks for the suggestion, I'll probably give it a go sometime,
although the loss of a parallel port isn't a probelm for me.

Chris Edwards <chris at chris-edwards.org>

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