CD optimization

John dingo at
Sun Sep 19 00:01:42 UTC 2004

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>The second stage installer, again, asks a reasonable number of questions, in
>one batch, and then starts to install software.  At the end, it welcomes

I'd rather see the welcome rolled tastefully into the login screen. 
Then, the users see it, not just the installer who may not ordinarily 
use the system.

I welcome the the questions it gets over and done with early on; I'd 
like to leave it alone and come back after reading the U mail to find 
the login screen.

Even better, would be the ability to get the questions asked and 
answered before booting to dothe install.

>Questions which do not follow this pattern are generally bugs.  The only
>example which occurs with any frequency in my experience is one question
>which is asked by the X server, in the middle of the install, if (and only
>if) it is unable to successfully probe your hardware in order to determine
>which modes to use.
>So if you are asking silly questions, by all means, point them out, but be
>specific.  Specific reports of problems help to get them fixed, while vague
>complaints only lead to bad vibes. :-)
I'm waiting patiently for my grumble bz password so I can grumble about 
the grumble partitioning/formating silly question.

"A new account, dingo at, has been created and a 
randomly-generated password has been e-mailed to that address. "

That was yesterday.

I've changed one letter of the domain name in the email address above, 
the email address I provided is correct.

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