Runlevel Configuration in g-s-t

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sat Sep 18 23:37:12 UTC 2004

<quote who="John">

> When you talk of the desktop market I worry that you will dumb it down too
> much, by configuration or my omitting important software.

Definitely not dumbing down, we're making things just work. Then you don't
need to stuff around with difficult to understand concepts in strange config
dialogues (that don't even let you do what you need to).

> Valuable software I've already missed is sshd; I can't connect to MUT over
> the lan to lift stuff to post to the list or to do administrative tasks on
> it.

We have a "no listening ports" policy by default. If you need sshd, you have
the option of installing it, and know that you're turning it on by doing so.
You make a very explicit choice, which is a minor inconvenience to pay for a
secure system by default.

- Jeff

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