Strange mouse behavior on simple, fast click

John dingo at
Sat Sep 18 22:42:29 UTC 2004

>>I have installed in VMWare and my host system runs with 16-bit color. So
>>no more than 16-bit color is supported for guest systems.
>>It is no hardware limitation.
>>Perhaps an installer question with preselected 24-bit and other color
>>depths to choose from would be fine.
>The entire point of this X release was to reduce the amount of questions
>to configure it. Any direction we take here there will be someone unhappy.
>If the ask the question someone will complain on "why bother.. default to
>24". Someone else will say that the question has to be asked with a 8 bit
>default, and so on..
>When it goes to X there is no winner.

A knoppix-style boot option might be enough. If not that, then a boot 
option to specify classes of questions to be asked.

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