Strange mouse behavior on simple, fast click

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione at
Sat Sep 18 15:46:54 UTC 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, Markus Kolb wrote:

> On 18.09.2004 06:42, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, Markus Kolb wrote:
> >
> [...]
> >>Yes, but the configuration was not generated at install time. The
> >>configuration after install had the wrong color depth so that X couldn't
> >>run in my environment.
> >
> >
> > Which resolution does your system require to run? The default at install
> > is 24 bit. Video card? Ram? Resolution?
> I have installed in VMWare and my host system runs with 16-bit color. So
> no more than 16-bit color is supported for guest systems.
> It is no hardware limitation.
> Perhaps an installer question with preselected 24-bit and other color
> depths to choose from would be fine.

The entire point of this X release was to reduce the amount of questions
to configure it. Any direction we take here there will be someone unhappy.

If the ask the question someone will complain on "why bother.. default to
24". Someone else will say that the question has to be asked with a 8 bit
default, and so on..

When it goes to X there is no winner.


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