ESD Issues

Eugenia Loli-Queru eloli at
Sat Sep 18 03:04:18 UTC 2004

I had the same problem on Slackware with my onboard VIA AC97 sound card. I 
searched everywhere and tried everything with no real result, and it seemed 
to be (according to an alsa developer) that some ALSA or OSS drivers don't 
fully support the operation of sharing the sound resources with more than 
one app.

I had to use my PCI Yamaha card (that I knew was supported better) and 
disable the onboard one, and the problem gone away, as a different driver 
was used.

Not sure if that's the case with you though, but you might want to try 
another, PCI card, like a second hand Yamaha YMF754, or an SBLive! (avoid 
SB128, *some* early models were buggy).

Question: on the *same* machine, did you ever had any other Linux distro 
installed that was having its sound shared among apps without problems?



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