Terry Coles nof at
Fri Sep 17 20:07:37 UTC 2004

I tried to install Ubuntu today, but it fell over when I got to the 
Partitioning section.  I got the two Options: 'Erase the Entire Disk' or 
'Manually Edit the Partition Table'.  I chose the  latter because I have many 
other partitions on this box.

When I did that it claimed that there was only one partition; a 40Gb FAT 16.  
In reality the first partion is a 15Mb FAT 16 (to fool Partition Magic into 
booting from the CD).  After that I have four ext3 partions of 10GBs or so 
apiece and a swap partition.  It couldn't see any of the Linux partitions.

Any ideas?

		Terry Coles

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