Installation on an ASUS A2D Notebook

Iliyan Zarov i.zarov at
Fri Sep 17 15:58:25 UTC 2004


I had some glitches with the installation:
After the system booted from the CD the screen started blinking fast (it
was actually hard to read the installation instructions). After the
first stage of the installation (from cd) the system booted normally,
except for the fact that the fan never shut up. I had to install
speedfreq (it is not in the package repository and neither is cpufreqd,
at least not in main). Apart from these problems I am enjoying a very
sleek Linux distribution :) 

 Information about the notebook:
LCD 15" display, nothing uncommon here
Ati mobility radeon 9200 (no problems whatsoever till now)
More information

   Thanks for the promising distro !

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