x-serve fails

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione at fabbione.net
Fri Sep 17 11:21:00 UTC 2004

Hi Mike,

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, mike wrote:

> I installed Ubuntu seemingly successfully. However, when trying to
> login, gdm tries to start up and fails, resulting in an error message
> that the GUI has been disabled.

Please provide us with the following files and information:


output of:
lspci -n
xresprobe ati

> At no point during the setup procedure was I asked anything about
> display -- card, resolution, etc. Further, I have an ATI All-In-Wonder
> card installed in the AGP slot, while the motherboard has its own
> video-output onboard.

Yes.. theoretically X is supposed to be able to autoconfigure itself. This
is the first real report of a 100% not working installation of X and i
would be very glad if you can assist us debugging the problem.


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