First Impressions i386 and amd64

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Fri Sep 17 06:44:06 UTC 2004

* Matt Zimmerman 

| > amd64 - unable to install. The CD won't recognize my SATA hard drive. 
| > The motherboard is NForce3 250 based.
| I have done many successful installs on an NForce3-based system, but it does
| not have SATA.  What OS is currently installed on it?  Can you provide lspci
| -v output?  Do you know which drivers, if any, in the Linux kernel
| correspond to your hardware?

The NForce3 SATA support was moved to libata in just 2.6.8, so our
hardware database might not have the correct information for it; could
you try loading the sata_nv driver manually (Alt-F2 to switch to a
different console, then type modprobe sata_nv)?

(As I don't have any NForce3 hardware myself, I'm not able to try :| )

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