PPC, PPP, Gnome Networking and wvdial

Justin Kelly linuxppc at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 23:03:40 UTC 2004

Hi All

First I'd like to say thanks to the ubuntu team, finally a PPC distro
that really kicks ass, thanks.

1 hour after burning the iso,  X, gnome2.8, sound, HAL and more
working 'out of the box',  its whats PPC been needing for ages.

1 thing though

On PPC version I would like to see wvdial included


because as a dial-up user I tried to setup a ppp connection through
GNOME Networking Manager and it complained about the fact wvdials not
installed and wouldn't setup the connection without it,

i installed wvdial from an old 'sarge' DVD but when i ran wvdial it
dialed but died when trying to start ppp - said the modules not
installed or something?(sorry not a very technical description)

Is PPP compiled in the PPC kernel by default? im no guru but i ran
lsmod and couldnt see PPP or anyhting like this.

One more question: for PPC, is it the benh kernel or the stock standard kernel?

Keep up the great work, Ubuntu rules



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