Live CD, Unstable, and GNOME

Jan Mynarik mynarikj at
Thu Sep 16 15:35:29 UTC 2004


being a longtime Debian Unstable user, I don't want to switch to Ubuntu
at this time but I'd like to test it. Unfortunately I don't have a spare
computer or partition and I've found on your site a page mentioning Live
CD. Is it already available? Or when will happen so?

Other question, I have in my mind, is whether there will be some
unstable distribution too, just like in Debian? Or wouldn't it be more
practical to develop new Ubuntu version right in Debian's Unstable? This
came to my mind, when I went through my sources.list and saw many
sources outside Debian which are prepared to cooperate with Unstable.
How will Ubuntu cooperate with these?

In relation to Ubuntu's GNOME, I really like the menu structure. Nice


Jan "Pogo" Mynarik

Jan Mynarik <mynarikj at>

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