Initial Reactions; Potential Bugs; Nvidia?

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione at
Thu Sep 16 11:30:11 UTC 2004


On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, billg wrote:

> 5) I used an Nvidia card (GeForceFX 5900XT) and a flat panel LCD monitor
>    (Xerox XG-70D).  The install didn't ask me to select a driver for my
>    card. It would have been nice if the installer, however, told me what
>    driver is had selected and asked for confirmation.  It did, in fact,
>    select the "nv" driver.

A lot of effor has been done to improve the tools that autodetect the
hardware, the selection has proved across all our tests to be safe for a
default installation. We prompt the user only if we cannot detect it.

>    The refresh rates it selected were safe, but incorrect, and, again, I
>    didn't have the chance to confirm or change those settings during the
>    install. If it guesses wrong and X can't run, a lot of users are
>    going to be flummoxed. The install did show me the screen dimensions
>    it had selected and allowed me to change them. (My monitor wants to
>    run at 1280x1024, and the install did not select that.)

This has been fixed already after the preview release. The bug was found
approx. 20 minutes after the release. bad luck.. that's why is a preview
release ;)

> (**Anyone installed the "nvidia" driver yet?  I noticed that no kernel
> source is installed, which means Nvidia's installer won't work.)

We already ship the nvidia drivers and there is no need to compile them.
You can install linux-restriced-modules adn nvidia-glx, as usual you will
need to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to select the nvidia driver.

Thanks for your report!

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