Eugenia Loli-Queru eloli at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 16 07:40:22 UTC 2004

> There was a bug in kdebase which caused it to fail to build.  Because it 
> is
> not part of our supported set, this was not a priority to fix for the
> preview release.  However, it is being fixed now, and this should allow a
> number of other packages to now build, and make KDE software installable
> again.

I refreshed the package list (downloaded headers for 28 new packages), and 
the same error for package "kdebase-bin" keeps popping up when selecting 
K3B. I don't think it's fixed...

>> also, when trying to install KDE, except the above errors, it also 
>> requires
>> me to... remove the "ftp" package. Why?

>It is difficult to say without more information.

I retried (selecing for installation the whole kde tree), and it didn't do 
it this time... But I did install some other stuff, and it uninstalled 
gucharmap... :-( Really weird stuff.

>The main Ubuntu archive is online now, and has not been down at any time 
>that I
>have tried to reach it today.  Can you provide the exact error messages 
>you saw?

Please check the screenshots here:
Please note that ALL the repositories available in the Synaptic 
"repositories" preference panel are checked.

Also, a feature request: please add Helix/Real Player, Java, Flash, Mono and 
its apps, RSSOwl, newer Liferea packages etc. There are a lot of good gnome 
apps missing currently...


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