Live RC2, Thinkpad 390X problems

Mike Bate mikebate_tl at
Sat Oct 23 22:11:13 UTC 2004

In "Re: LiveCD RC2 available, please test"
LaMont Jones wrote:

> I'm happy to announce the availability of RC2 for the LiveCD.  This
> will become final before the weekend is over, so any final feedback
> you could provide would be very helpful.

Trying Live rc2 on an older laptop (Thinkpad 390X), only capable of 
800x600, so I edited the vga=791 to vga=788 on grub's graphical 
interface line, however the first parameter passed (watching screen 
scroll by, and in dmesg) is "vga=0x317", so my vga=788 is not used. X 
works fine, is set to 800x600, but during bootup, after the first full 
screen, can't see what is happening, as text is scrolled off bottom of 
screen. If escape is pressed to get to the grub text interface, 'e' to 
edit the line, works OK, no '0x317' is passed. Don't know where the 
0x317 is being added in graphical version.

Power off on shutdown not working, it just reboots -  I haven't tried 
other kernel options yet. On a (new) Warty install on same machine, at 
least there's a power off message and the system stops, although it 
does not power down. Knoppix live CD works correctly here. Gnoppix 
behaves same as Warty/Live.

PnPBIOS: Unknown tag '0x82', length '25'
PCI: Address space collision on region 8 of bridge .....
appears during first part of boot, adding pnpbios=off eliminates the 
message, but perhaps this is a clue to the other problems?

Odd IRQ problem - also present with installed Warty, and Knoppix 3.6 
live cd, so is likely a Thinkpad 390X issue, not just Warty/Live. 
Sound is badly garbled and slooooow, *unless* either the pcmcia nic 
(rtl 8139 based) or wireless card (dlink g650) are plugged in, then 
sound works normally. Plugging in a different pcmcia card (Xircom 
combo nic/modem) does not cure sound. If anyone has any ideas on a fix 
or workaround here, I'd be pleased to try.

Hopefully posting here rather than filing bug reports is appropriate 
for now...


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