New problem with X

Bryan Pizzuti bpizzuti at
Thu Oct 14 09:12:36 UTC 2004

Ok, I just did my second install, this time with the RC, onto VMWare4.5. For
technical reasons, I have to limit this one to 800x600 since it's running in
a VM on a server that I'm accessing through RDP (Got all that?  Hehehe).
anyway, X and GDM can't seem to start, even though the XF86Config-4 file has
the resolutions correct.  I know it's a sucky resolution, but it's
temporary, since I'm going to be eventually doing 100% remote access on this
thing through SSH and remote X (Originally it was going to be the latest
Debian Sarge, which would have been better, but guess what? Sarge is broken!
Something's messed up on their of the packages is broken and
it won't work). 
Any ideas? Or should I give up on Ubuntu this way and wait for them to fix
Debian Sarge again?
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