Open (external) port after (default) install?

Frank Daley interoperate at
Fri Oct 8 13:29:51 UTC 2004

> Don't know if you have a firewall in front of Ubuntu that logs 
> connections, but if you do, watch what happens when ubuntu boots up:
> I have done two installation on two different boxes with two different 
> builds of Ubuntu, and find that on boot, it likes to connect to :
> on port 123 OR
> on port 123
> The first ip address resolves to and the 
> second one resolves to
> Why is ubuntu logging into port 123 of these addresses on boot?
> Now, if we are reporting things to spamcop, fine, but we should be 
> informed, I do not like distros that report things without my knowledge.
> Darren

Port 123 is the NTP time sync service used to check an NTP server so
that it can correctly set your PC clock.

-- Frank

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