Problem with adaptec SCSI card

Romeyn Prescott prescor at
Mon Nov 29 18:22:21 UTC 2004

I have received no response to this post either here on the mailing 
list nor on several locations on the forums.  I suspect (fear?) that 
I'm the only person encountering this problem.

I am still desirous of having my boot volume be a SCSI drive, so I 
installed Ubuntu to an IDE drive without the SCSI card installed.  I 
then installed the SCSI card and Ubuntu recognized it...aic7xxx was 
listed in 'lsmod'.  I dd'd the IDE drive to the SCSI drive and I 
suppose if I decide to pursue this, I'll have to hack around in Open 
Firmware/yaboot to get it booting from the SCSI drive.

Does anyone know if Hoary's CD will use a different aic7xxx module or 
if, at least, the installer won't hang if a SCSI card is present?


At 9:18 AM -0500 11/26/04, Romeyn Prescott scribbled:
>I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my G4 Mac.  I have an Adaptec SCSI 
>card with a 9GB drive attached to it.  I want this drive to be my 
>boot volume.
>I get the installer to run, but when it attempts to detect CD-Rom 
>drives, I get an error:
>"Error while running 'modprobe -v aic7xxx'"
>I have an option to continue, but when I do, this part of he 
>installer hangs at 16%.
>If I remove the SCSI card, everything is fine.
>I should note that this card had previously worked with Yellow Dog 
>Linux.  Is there any way I can modify the installer, or tell it not 
>to look to SCSI cards for CD-ROM drives?
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