Where's FireFox 1.0?

LLucas7086 ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Nov 28 19:51:46 UTC 2004

hi all, found this thread through some google searches on installing
Firefox 1.0 on Warty, and figured i would share my personal
experiences.  in order to update to Firefox 1.0, i downloaded it and
the DOM inspector out of the Debian Unstable (Sid) repository, along
with the libpng12 dependency (only one unfulfilled by normal warty
install).  put the three into a temp directory, "sudo dpkg -i *.deb". 
all installed without incident, and firefox 1.0 runs great on my system
(fyi, i also tested installing both firefox and libpng12 from the
testing branch, and this works also).  the one catch is that it cannot
be updated with synaptic/apt-get unless i add those debian repositories
to my repos, which is obviously asking for trouble, so i must manually
check for updates to the sid branch from time to time. 

next project...gaim 1.0.3.  i have tried the same method to install on
warty, but it has many more failed dependencies than firefox.  hoewver,
a simple "dpkg -i gaimxxxx.deb" with the sid version does seem to update
the installed version to 1.0.3, despite many failed dependencies.  gaim
then seems to work just fine despite all the warnings.  any ideas on
this one?


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