'updatedb' : is it really mandatory, can I switch it off and how ?!

Trouilliez Vincent vincent.trouilliez at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 28 10:16:33 UTC 2004

> You can read these mails with Evolution as well. Just creaate a new
> account and pick "Standard Unix mbox spool or directory" as Server Type.
> You can specify which file under /var/mail/ you want to read.

Did that...but Evolution doesn't show my messages :o(

> Or, if you prefer the commandline, 'mutt' is a very fine mail reader. By
> default, it reads /var/mail/<your uid>.

Tried it, but like Evolution, it didn't load my messages either... 

Well, nevermid, I am unlikely to ever use local mail, as my machine is
not in a local network and I am the only one working on it...

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