upgrade 386 to 686

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Fri Nov 26 21:22:16 UTC 2004

On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 01:09:25PM -0800, pol wrote:
> forgive the possibility of overwhelming ignorance here...
> i am new to PC architectures and have just realized that the compaq
> box i have is in fact an old 686 box and not a 386. i installed the
> 386 version of ubuntu on it and now i am wondering if the only way to
> upgrade to the 686 version is by downloading the entire ubuntu image,
> again.
> is there a simpler way, perhaps via synaptic or terminal, to upgrade
> my ubuntu distro to the 686 version?

Use synaptic to install linux-image-686.  This will depend on the 
latest version of the 686-opimized kernel.

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