Adding Beagle, tomboy and ifolder to Hoary

poptones ulist at
Wed Nov 24 22:17:14 UTC 2004

-And we would be the only one
shiping it because Suse is going to ship it. There is alot of work
going into it now. This would solve problems like user wanting to
search documents. The only real reason not to ship it
besides, mono is evil, is that there was a mention about requiring
some processor power, but I we got a 600Mhz computer so if it will
work for me it sould be enough for most users.-

You sound as if this is a done deal. But mono is still tied up in
potentially litigious "property" and that would seem to defy one of the
primary stated goals of ubuntu - to keep the distribution Free (with the
big F). 

If the aim of integrating beagle is simply to provide the ability to
search openoffice docs and such, why can this functionality not be
supplied by python hooks? I've never tried the python/c hooks, do they
not work?

I realize I'm talking about reinventing the wheel here, but right now
it's not as if the wheel is a Z rated state of the art pirelli or
something - it's just little more than a rock, and lots of us have
hammers and chisels.


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