.sxw file gets a zip-icon, when scand. letters in the name

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at luukku.com
Wed Nov 24 05:10:29 UTC 2004


I have a strange problem with OpenOffice writer. I have Finnish language
settings both in Ubuntu and OOo. When I save a text document as an .sxw
file with a name that includes some of the scandinavian special letters
(do they have a name?), like an "a" with two dots or an "o" with two
dots (I don't know if you can see them right in your e-mail program, but
I write them here: ä,ö), the saved file is shown as a zip file. The file
has an ending ".sxw", but the icon is a zip icon and when I click it,
File Roller opens. If I remove the scandinavian letters from the file
name, the file is shown as a normal OOo file. The same thing happends
with OOo spreadsheet program. Saving a document as a text file works as

I didn't find any problems with scandinavian letters in the name, when I
tried this with some other programs like FireFox, Gimp and the default
Gnome text editor.

When a document is shown right, the MIME-type is
application/vnd.sun.xml.writer. When it's shown wrong, the MIME-type is
application/zip.  !!!A peculiar thing happened right now when I checked
the MIME-types from the Properties-window. The file icon changed from
zip to sxw. What's happening here?!!!

Well, I leave this to anyone who might understand anything about this.
If anyone replies to this, I should mention that I don't know much about
MIME-types and stuff like that.

I might cope with this the way it is, but I'm soon going to put on my
guru hat :) and go to help two people to install Ubuntu in their PC's.
These people have never used Linux before - only Windows - and I would
like everything to work as well as possible. Thank's in advance for any
help with this. I appreciate the effort people put on this mailing list
to help users with their problems - I actually don't understand how some
people can keep on developing Ubuntu and awnsering masses of questions
here at the same time?!?

Kind regards,

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