Since ubuntu is pushing python, a good python IDE should be available

sparkes sparkes at
Tue Nov 23 07:53:28 UTC 2004

Lloyd D Budd wrote:
> Hi ,
> I do not have the original thread as I am recent to the party .  I am
> also interested in finding a "good" Python IDE .  Anyone have recent
> experience with Boa-constructor ?

boa is cool for wxwindows apps, gtk and qt guis can be developed in 
glade and qtdesigner.

If you are working in general python the idle ide is cool with a nice 
built in python interpretor,

I use gedit or vim (depending on mood) for most python development.  If 
you don't need the gui editors then the text editor you are most 
comfortable with (most source highlight python) will serve you well.


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