Where's FireFox 1.0?

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Mon Nov 22 19:02:28 UTC 2004

Bo Rosen Wrote: 
> ons 2004-11-17 klockan 08:52 -0500 skrev Romeyn Prescott:


> This has been discussed quite a bit over the last few weeks, but the

> short answer is that the only kind of updates to software we'll see is

> security fixes. The Ubuntu team is aiming for a stable distribution
> and

> constantly updating software makes that very difficult. Instead we'll
> be

> given regular six month releases.


> However, you can always go to the firefox site and install v 1.0

> yourself. 


> Cheers,

> 	Bo

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> Bo Rosen <bo.rosen at gmail.com>



The problem with taking an approach of not doing updates is that when
major releases occur, like firefox 1.0 (or thunderbird 1.0 when that
happens), is that people "jump ship" to the latest distro that has
feature X. If Ubuntu wants to keep their momentum, it would be helpful
to at least provide an unstable release area for major application
releases. That said, I would not recommend doing these upgrades for
packages that require major library updates (e.g. evolution 1.x to
2.0), as that breaks many other packages.

For me, I'm considering moving back to Fedora, as I at least had
freshrpms / Dag Wiers repository that did this very thing.

Just my $0.02.


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