Samba with Nautilus

Jeramy Rutley jrutley at
Sat Nov 20 18:18:46 UTC 2004

I've experienced that at my work as well, except when I would access a
shared folder, and it asks for username and password, it lets me in. 
(You need a proper account, or her computer needs to allow everyone to
share, in which case, just click OK when the password dialog comes

Is this already present in Bugzilla?  If not, we should add it.

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 08:08:14 -0500, GR Gaudreau <grgaud at> wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 13:31 +0100, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > hi,
> > Am Samstag, den 20.11.2004, 07:18 -0500 schrieb GR Gaudreau:
> > > Hi all,
> > > Whenever I try to connect to my wife's Win2K box, using 'smb://' in
> > > nautilus, I get as far as 'smb://viper', which is the name of my wife's
> > > win2K setup, and then I'm told that the contents of viper couldn't be
> > > displayed because I don't have permission. It does this even when I try
> > > as root.
> > dont use nautilus as root, it can break certain things in your setup
> > (i.e. the ability to edit menu entrys)...
> > did you try the same with a share name attached ?
> > i.e. does something like this work (assumin C is the sharename)? :
> > smb://viper/C
> [GR]   Hi Oli. I'm assuming that by 'C' you mean C drive on my wife's
> computer. I tried that, but it didn't work. It asked me for a username
> and password, which it never did before, but when I tried logging in it
> said that "C: couldn't be found. Perhaps it has been deleted recently."
> The funny thing is that after trying all that, I opened xffm from a
> terminal and connected to VIPER no problem. Weird.
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