ESD is freaking out my ALSA driver

Ian Hogben ianhogben at
Sat Nov 20 08:13:01 GMT 2004

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"I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on
esd are mostly unprintable."
- - Alan Cox

This is a great quote (currently at the top of It really sums
up my feelings for ESD.

I had to go through a little bit of bother getting my sound working, but
now it is mostly good. The first trick was to get the latest snd-atiixp
driver from ALSA CVS. The second trick was to kill ESD.

At the moment, every time I boot up my laptop, I have to kill the esd
process before xmms, xine etc. will work. Does anyone have any idea what
is going wrong? From my basic understanding of the way that esd does its
magic, it fires up every time it is called, stays open for a while, and
then closes (my hoary install has the default of 5 secs of inactivity).
The problem is, it isn't closing ever. I boot up, I get the ubuntu sound
when I log in, then all sound stops from that point onwards. After I
kill esd, sound runs like a dream.

Driver: snd-atiixp (ALSA)
libesd-alsa0 installed
standard esd config

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

- -Ian.
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