harmless(?) hotplug errors on boot

Bill Stoye skiffworks at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 19 22:20:26 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 18:28 +0100, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> hi,
> Am Freitag, den 19.11.2004, 08:51 -0800 schrieb Bill Stoye:
> > easy_target:
> > I'm one step removed from "n00b" myself, and have been wanting to put a
> > stop to the 'Fail' messages on boot, 'Fail' messages are scary to a
> > retired aircraft mechanic!
> > 
> > When someone refers to a file(in this case: "/etc/hotplug/blacklist"), I
> > usually take a look at the file by opening it as a regular "user" with
> > 'gedit'(Found in menu: Applications -> Accesories -> 'Text Editor') and
> > see what is in the file and try to understand what I need to do. If it's
> > something I can deal with, then I'll go ahead and open the file as
> > 'Supper User', as follows:
> > $ "sudo gedit /etc/hotplug/blacklist"(everything between quotes)
> > Password:***** (enter your user password)
> > 
> > Gedit will open, you'll see the file and can make changes to it:
> > Any of the lines with a # sign in the beginning of it are "uncommented
> > out", that is they are not recognized by the program looking at this
> > file and are only informational. So we should be able to add the two
> > module names("shpchp" and "pciehp") to the list; highlighting the email
> > instructions or commands and pasting them into the editor works well for
> > me because it puts a stop to my dyslexia(prevents transposing errors).
> > After, remembering to 'save' the changes, close the editor and reboot.
> > 
> > Worked well for me. Hope I wasn't too wordy or assuming and works for
> > you.
> would you mind making a wiki page out of this ? it is such a beautiful
> writing and deals so carefull with the issue that i would love to point
> inexperienced users to it if the question comes up.

I'd be happy to... I'll have to figure out how to do that but yes.

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