A couple of questions from a new user

Peter Bengtsson mail at peterbe.com
Thu Nov 18 11:59:58 UTC 2004

Sven Wagschal <s.wagschal <at> bengelhaus.de> writes:

> Ian Hogben schrieb:
> > Even though I used KDE in the past, I always used nautilus. It rocks.
> >  only, I am just about ready to throw my laptop through the window. 
> > If > I open 20 different directories, then 20 DIFFERENT WINODWS OPEN.
> >  Crazy stuff. Is there an easy way to turn this feature off, or do I
> >  have to hack the configs manually?
> Introduced with Gnome 2.6, this is called spatial mode, simulating the
> behaviour of the classical Mac OS (pre-X). (There was an usability
> article an ars technica discussing the behaviour of the Finder
> in X compared to that of the classical Finder and outlining the
> advantages of spatial mode.) By default you do not have a file browser
> any longer, but instead open any directory as folder in its own window. 
> To revert to the old Nautilus you can either open a directory by 
> right-clicking it and choosing "Open in Browser-Window", producing the 
> old Nautilus-in-Browser-Mode. (It is even possible to create a Nautilus 
> File Browser entry in the programs menu with the command nautilus 
> --browser /home/yourname for example.) Or you can disable spatial mode 
> completely in System-Tools -> Gconf-Editor -> nautilus -> preferences ->
> always_use_browser.

Good advice. I changed my preferences to this too.

Can you recommend any other file browser for Gnome? Is there anything that works
like that one in Mac osx wheren the folders expand to the right?
I liked the feature in KDE where you could split the window vertically although
in general I didn't like the Konquerer.

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