whats the deal with moderators

John dingo at coco2.arach.net.au
Wed Nov 17 22:22:18 GMT 2004

Thomas Beckett wrote:
> When I send emails to the ubuntu users list, some of them get stopped
> for moderator approval. It is not all of them, jsut some - even though
> they are sent from the same account as some that get through
> instantly.
> I just thought - the one that got stopped just had the users lis in
> the cc field ratehr than the main To field will this be the reason
> they get stopped?

Watch your from: address. If you accidentally use the wrong from: 
addresss your mail will be held.

If for sme reason you can't control youself:-) subscribe both addresses 
and set one to not receive mail.

I have thought about doing that as an antispam measure: subscribe two 
addresses, set one to no mail and through it away but use it as my from: 

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