DVD playback slow

Andreas Dittrich dittrich at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Nov 16 17:13:42 UTC 2004

Julio Biason wrote on 16.11.2004 2:06 Uhr:
>>About most of the load while playing dvds is X-Usage (60-70% of 100% 
>>load). Divx and Xvid works flawlessly and I know my system was capable 
>>of playing DVDs on Mandrake.
> Have you tried using sdl as video out?  (mplayer -vo sdl)

I did and it didn't help it. xvinfo gives me output so I think xv is the 
way to go. A p700 should easily play dvds as I did play them on slower 
systems. Maybe some kernel options not activated? I'm pretty clueless 
atm :-(
And my girlfriend is going to switch back to windows if she can't watch 
DVDs... aaaarrrrg ;-)

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