How to stop unwanted servrices during boot

Wouter Eerdekens retuow at
Tue Nov 16 17:07:20 UTC 2004

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 06:03:53PM +0100, Le grand pinguin wrote:
> > In my opinion the chmod thing is our 'best' option at the moment.
> I can't agree here. No installation will catch a missing x-bit on a
> init script. A much better way - edit the init.script:
> # file samba
> if [ "$STARTUP" = "0" ]; then
>   echo " Not starting samba services. Edit /etc/init.d/samba"
>   echo " and set STARTUP=1 if you need this service to run."
>   exit 1
> fi
> If Ubuntu feels explorative one could provide a shell function
> check_startup that would do the above (check $STARTUP) so users
> would only have to add "STARTUP=0" or "STARTUP=1" to the init script.
> Much cleaner (and it barfs out what it's doing and why and how to
> change that. Do the same with a changed filesystem attribute).
>  RalfD

Agreed, but we don't have this at the moment. And manually editing
initscripts seems as bad as a chmod -x. The original post was a question
on how to to this _now_, not what the cleanest future implementation was.
So right now, I'd still go for the chmod 'hack'.


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