sound prob on an i-386 box

mulata mulata9 at
Mon Nov 15 07:47:56 UTC 2004

after having it pointed out that i had mistyped terminal instructions i 
tried again with the

#modprobe snd-cs4231
#modprobe snd-cs4236
#modprobe snd-cs4232

commands and got a reply of no device found still.

to the suggestion of "Look in /lib/modules/VERSION/kernel/sound/pci

I have a directory cs46xx with snd-cs46xx.ko

What is in your pci directory?"

i found both
snd-cs4281.ko and cs46xx

my path tho is different: /lib/modules/
if that means anything...

there was also a suggestion to check my isa directory which yielded 
this: /cs423x/

in it are: snd-cs4231.ko

in terminal i also tried modprobe snd-cs4281 which has had no effect 
either, but it didn't tell me that no device was found, either...

any other ideas?


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