Still unable to create launchers in GNOME menu

Bryan Pizzuti bpizzuti at
Sat Nov 13 06:20:28 UTC 2004

 Hmm, you're not using browser mode.

Incidentally, the "hard way" someone mentioned before, is actually the easy
way when you're going through the lst of installed items in Synaptic and
adding them one by one. ;)

I'm gonna go try not using browser mode, but another difference is I have
Crossover office installed...that tries to edit the menu (I notice it
actually added the missing Debian menu to KDE. 

I'm gonna go play with this some more, but I recall trying it as non-root
before and it still didn't work. 

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Am Freitag, den 12.11.2004, 16:38 -0500 schrieb Bryan Pizzuti:
> 0.5. (Heh)  Run Nautilus as root, if the system is so configured (mine
> But that isn't supposed to matter, I think...I think each menu is a 
> user-by-user basis?
> 1. Go to "applications:///" location in Nautilus (Browser mode) 2. 
> Right-click, select "Create Launcher"
> 3. Browse for the launched file, finn in the blanks, hit "OK."

thats exactly what i just did, i cannot reproduce your error on 3 default
setup warty systems here...look:

must be because i never ever run any filemanager as root ;)


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