Gunnar Hafdal gunnzi1 at simnet.is
Wed Nov 10 23:47:28 UTC 2004

Thomas Beckett wrote:
>>>To take this evey farther, how many hogs can there really be? Warty
>>>Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, I heard the next one was going to be Grumpy
>>>Groundhog... there aren't THAT many hogs. What's the next animal going
>>>to be? *L*
>>We probably need a new naming scheme or run the risk of being viewed as
> I think Perky Penguin is next up after Grumpy Groundhog.
> As there isnt another animal off the top of my head ending with "uin"
> (and someone will probably point out 10 really obvbious ones now :D )
> I think another animal is needed quick! suggestions...
> Besides, the penguin is a bit obvious for a linux distro ;)
> Tom
But what about Kreepy Kangaroo or we could continue the African theme 
and go with Luke Lion or Edgar Elephant (maybe when Ubuntu  comes on 
more then 1 cd) and Ricky Rhinoceros :)

Gunnar Þór Hafdal

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